Linux bash bang

I was going to write a blog about this, then I came across a Red Hat blog that has all this laid out nice. No point re-inventing the wheel. A while back, I was on the phone with a vendor at work, and the admin controlling the system I was facilitating access to typed !105 and I was like… OK, what just happened, then I realised that '!' has all sorts of cool functionality in regards to bash history. When you review your bash history by typing 'history' , you will notice each entry in your command history has a line number. To repeat a command from your history, you just type !<line #> and the command is repeated. I now use this all the time, especially for complex commands that take some work to get perfect, just bang# it and you’re good. Somehow it’s quite satisfying. Check out the other cool things you can do with ! in man history or by checking out the Red Hat blog above.


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