WordPress personal plan

I’ve been mucking around with WordPress for a couple weeks now and I’m happy with it as a blogging platform so I decided to pay the $5 bucks a month and register a domain. Now the horrible WordPress banner is gone and I feel like I can advertise the blog a bit more. Thanks for reading -Jesse

WordPress.com banner

OK – so obviously I have the WordPress.com banner on my blog since it’s a free plan and I’m not paying for the service (yet). I thought I’d try out blogging before I commit to the (very reasonable) $5 bucks a month… If you’re reading this then I guess you’re annoyed like I am – anyway, maybe I’ll pay at some point. 🙂

First post

First post, so it’s not IT related. Short and sweet. Started a blog really so that I can document all the random stuff that I come across at work, as well as maybe feed something back to the community that I get so much from. Hope you enjoy reading! – Jesse