Get Windows 10 Version Information

This morning I needed to quickly get Windows 10 version information for all workstations in a domain, so I wrote the below PowerShell script. This basic script only needed a few things to get the job done; a way to get all workstations in the domain, a way to only check computers that are online […]

Export Exchange Online mailbox and archive stats to CSV

If you’re like me, you’ve written variations of this script a hundred times. I decided to finally blog it and put it on git so that I could refer back. This script will get all exchange online mailboxes, check if an archive exists then dump all relevant information to CSV. It helps to know the […]

Get all AD group members with PowerShell

I was recently doing an audit of AD group memberships and since I find it easier to do this by filtering a spreadsheet, I needed to get all groups and their members out to a CSV. This basic script does the job and captures key properties like the name, DN and SID for the group […]

Exchange Online message trace with more detail

Recently I needed to dig through some email using the Exchange Online PowerShell module and I found the default cmdlets a bit lacking in detail. Get-MessageTrace and Get-MessageTraceDetail show you enough, but sometimes you want to know more about the flow of an email from when it was received until it was ultimately delivered, marked […]

Find MacOS installer path

When you do an upgrade of MacOS, it can be hard to locate the download package as it caches to disk. Sometimes you may want to see the progress of the download, the size of the file or just troubleshoot an issue with the upgrade process. The following steps show you what commands to run […]

Apple iPad Activation via MDM and

Activating an iPad with your MDM platform is usually a straight forward process.Your hardware vendor associates your device enrollment program (DEP) code with the device, your DEP platform tells your MDM that the device belongs to you and when you turn the device on for the first time, it phones home, gets directed to MDM, […]

Office 365 Trial

For anyone wanting to test Office 365 and associated technologies, you can easily spin up a free trial, without a credit card for evaluating and seeing what 365 has to offer. To get started, head over to and create a free account. In this example, i’m using the address After you have your […]

TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_256_GCM_SHA384 Cipher with Server 2012 R2

I was recently working on an issue where a monitoring system that runs on top of Server 2012 R2 was not able to establish a TLS handshake with web servers to check their availability. After some investigation and a ticket with Microsoft, it was determined that SCHANNEL on Server 2012 R2 does not support modern […]

WordPress personal plan

I’ve been mucking around with WordPress for a couple weeks now and I’m happy with it as a blogging platform so I decided to pay the $5 bucks a month and register a domain. Now the horrible WordPress banner is gone and I feel like I can advertise the blog a bit more. Thanks for […]

Linux bash bang

I was going to write a blog about this, then I came across a Red Hat blog that has all this laid out nice. No point re-inventing the wheel. A while back, I was on the phone with a vendor at work, and the admin controlling the system I was facilitating access to typed !105 […]


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